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Shini Plastics Technologies

Shini Plastic Technologies has for the past 40 years been the leading manufacturer in the field of Ancillary Equipment for the plastics industry. The Shini headquarters are located in Taiwan with factories, sales and service centres in China and Taiwan. Shini is represented in 30 countries worldwide.

Shini’s motto: “Customer first, Quality first”, is what they stand by and over the years has become synonymous with the standard and quality of their products.

Shini’s products are used during the manufacturing processes of flexible packaging, blow moulding (plastic bottles) injection moulding as well as vacuum forming processes. Shini ancillaries play an integral part in the drying, mixing, conveying, heating, cooling and granulation of raw materials as well as automation and material handling.

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Shini hopper loaders are legendary and sought after being first choice within the plastics industry due to their high quality and reliability and the fact that they are the only loaders boasting a reverse cleaning function, thus making them an essential ancillary for all forms of packaging within the food and beverage industry.

The range covers an entire spectrum of self-contained single and three phase loaders for every situation, be it height, distance, multi-station loader systems and central feeding systems. Powder loaders are also available in various sizes.



Shini offers a large variety of drying options in a range of both Econo and De-humidifying drying options. The Econo and Euro range include low energy models as well as hot air recyclers which reduce energy usage by 40% and dust by 80%. Sizes range between 12kg and 1200kg.

Shini de-humidifying dryers use the honeycomb method of drying and are suitable for drying up to 1500 litres of material with a dew point as low as -40 degrees. Many options are available for the drying of hygroscopic materials.

Centralised drying solutions are also part of their portfolio.



Shini granulators are used with great success for the granulation of sub-standard product to be reworked. We offer a large range of granulation solutions, from small low speed sprue granulators to large sound proof central granulators ranging up to 32kw in power and a large choice of blade configurations.

Shini also offers many closed loop granulation applications

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Heating and Cooling

Heating and cooling systems also form part of the Shini family. They offer a wide range of chillers, both water and air cooled, controlling water temperature between 7 and 30 degrees Celsius, with cooling capacities between 6000 and 1 250 000 Kcal/hour with output power of up to 400HP.

Shini mould heaters are also very reliable and used to great effect as approved units to the motor industry. We offer an option of water or oil cooled units up to 36kW and temperatures of up to 120 degrees for water and 300 degrees for oil.


Robots and Sprue Pickers

Axis robots and sprue pickers as well as In Mould Labelling Systems are also available from Shini and have been proven in efficiency and reliability with plastic converters around the world.

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