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Dr Boy Injection Moulding Machines

BOY Logo  DR Boy has been represented on every continent for over 35 years. The fully hydraulic BOY 100E injection moulding machine is characterized by its precision, high efficiency, and compact design.
Its low operating costs and reliable performance make it ideally suited for mass production.
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Dr Boy 50E

BOY50E SP170 small  The new injection molding machines of the E-Series are our leading products. Due to the  servo-motor pump drive, they are superior comparable products of competitors. We managed to reach the positive characteristics of the electromechanical machines, or even exceed, and excluding the possibility of their disadvantages. We have once again our leadership and innovation in energy saving technologies demonstrated and achieved another pioneering breakthrough.


 dr boy vertical moulding The BOY 35 VV injection moulding machine is equipped with a vertically arranged injection and clamping unit.

The 90° rotation of the two-platen clamping unit results with the advantage of a fixed lower platen. Thus, the inserted parts will not move during the clamping process.

Compact dimensions, ample free space for peripheral
equipment, and the ability to use smaller injection units make the
BOY 35 VV with four tie bars an ideal solution for fully
automatic encapsulation of inserted parts.

The BOY 35 A VV is equipped with the high-end
Procan CT ® control, the BOY 35 M VV with the mid-range
Procan MD ® control.


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