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BOY machines at the MECSPE in Parma, Italy

With three BOY injection moulding machines at the Industrial Fair in Parma the Italian BOY representative ST.A.TE Technologies srl demonstrated its presence on the Italian plastics market. An automated application on a BOY 50 E with an additional injection unit, the new development BOY XXS as well as a BOY 35 became the major attractions of the well-attended fair.

In particular, this applied to the BOY 50 E. Together with the additional injection unit

BOY 2C S practical wine spouts were produced, which were welcomed as small take-aways by the visitors. The finished wine spouts were removed by the new BOY-Handling LR 5 and placed on a conveyor belt. Of course, the automated system complies with the CE safety guidelines.
The 27 cm more compact machine design of the BOY 50 E with the new injection unit

SP 170 reduces the installation area of this machine to only 3.39 m².

Another Highlight was the new BOY XXS (63 kN clamping force). On a micro mould small toy bunnies were produced with this modern table-top machine. Equipped with an energy-efficient Servo-drive and the new Procan ALPHA ® 4 control the BOY XXS offers a screw plasticizing in a range of 8 to 18 mm diameter. With maximum performance on smallest floor space (0.89 m²) and strong in the industrial non-stop operation the BOY XXS is perfectly tailored to the requirements of micro-injection moulding.


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